Monitoring Your Online Marketing Efforts

Over the last decade, traditional marketing channels have experienced a massive decline. Whereas every business under the sun used to compete for print, radio and television ad spots, most companies now concentrate their promotional efforts on online marketing. Recent studies suggest that most regular Internet users take many of their purchasing cues from online marketing efforts, thus confirming the importance of digital promotion campaigns. Unfortunately, unless sales numbers and visitor statistics experience an immediate uptick, it can be difficult to gauge the success of your latest forays into online marketing. If you’re interested in knowing how your latest efforts are faring, take the following tips to heart.

The Striim Platform

When looking for ways to monitor your website’s data in real time, you can’t go wrong with the Striim Platform. Developed by Silicone Valley’s best of the best, this innovative platform combines streaming operational intelligence with streaming data integration. Not only does the Striim Platform enable site owners to monitor data in real time, it allows them to filter and aggregate data at the drop of a hat. Additionally, the platform’s up-to-the-second streaming dashboards ensure that you’re immediately alerted the instant any changes are made to your site’s data. To learn more about what the Striim Platform has to offer, pay a visit to

Keyword Tools

In recent years, many companies have tried their hand at keyword integration, a popular subset of search engine optimization (SEO). This practice entails plugging keywords and phrases into the content featured on your website – particularly in titles and headings. These keywords are meant to draw the attention of Google and other prominent search engines and boost the search ranking of your company’s website. In order to determine which keywords will work best for your site, you’ll need to enlist the aid of AdWords, SEMrush or other keyword-focused tools. Not only will these tools provide you with helpful suggestions, many of them allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your keywords by showing you how many clicks they’ve generated and how well your site is faring in various search engine rankings.

Analytics Tools

If you’re interested in keeping track of visitor stats, there are a number of in-depth analytics tools you can utilize. Google Analytics, for example, allows you to monitor visitor statistics in real time, providing you with visitor numbers, lists of referrers and rundowns of your site’s most popular pages. This will help you build a solid understanding of what type of content visitors are looking for, the most opportune times of day and how people are finding your website.

The rapidly-changing marketing landscape demands that businesses either adapt or find themselves left in the dust. When setting online marketing efforts into motion, it’s important that you be able to monitor their effectiveness. Fortunately, the previously discussed tools should prove immensely helpful in this endeavor.