Tips for Using a DNS Proxy

Your Internet service provider gives users access to a wide range of databases by using easy to navigate website addresses. But there are more features often left unused by the majority of users. The Internet can map and connect websites, as well as storing additional information. A DNS proxy can help you to tap into these resources. For example, many proxy servers can unblock sites for streaming purposes. As you search for the right third-party server like Best Smart DNS, research the safest avenues to use the system and its basics to get the most out of your new Internet proxy.

Parental Controls

When you have children, allowing them to use the Internet can cause a lot of anxiety. There are so many websites that can infiltrate fragile minds, even through use of safe sites; not to mention curious children exploring the Internet when parents aren’t home. The best third-party Internet proxies will provide parental controls to allow your children to safely search the Internet, even without your supervision. The idea is to filter out inappropriate sites, and not just specific pages. Look into the control settings on the proxy. You should be able to search for categories that you deem inappropriate for your kids; it will affect the router, game consoles, and various IP addresses. Choose a high level filter for blocking the majority of high risk sites, or even customize the filter to block what you’d prefer. It’s not a foolproof method, as an apt user can simply bypass the filter by using a different server. However, it is great for younger children who don’t possess that capability.


The majority of Internet ISPs lack the capability of ensuring all sites are securely signed and authorized. This leaves your computer susceptible to many viruses and Trojans. When purchasing a third-party proxy subscription, make sure they have high-quality security features that are easy enough for even the greenest Internet user.

Geoblocked Content Access

Depending on where you are in the world, certain content may be difficult to access. The main purpose of the DNS is to free up this data, regardless of your global location. Your proxy should provide this tool to grant you access. It should be easy to locate and switch on and off, based on need. It’s most often found under settings and simply requires you to click it on or off. This same tool can remove website censorship, thus eliminating frustrating Internet pirates.